Friday, 20 July 2018

…there is social media STATUS, then there is your personal STATE

About 80% of the young people today, upon meeting a prominent personality, will most likely take a selfie for social media, because it boosts their status in the NOW, rather than grab the opportunity to get a word on how the said personality made it to prominence, which could BOOST THEIR STATE LATER in life. It is the tragedy of our time, that compared to the master guitarist or pianist, the guy who has no idea of what a guitar fret is, and knows not the difference between the black and white keys on the piano is 80% likely to post a photo holding a guitar or ‘playing’ a keyboard. This too have I seen in our social media STATUS rush times, that 80% of the people who take photos behind the car wheel, with the drivers door open, and clearly with no car key in the ignition key hole, can’t tell the difference between the clutch, the gas pedal, and the brake pedal.

I have nothing against social media, I met Isaac Maweu (the new newton) on social media, I discovered Lorna Muteti (the trooper) on social media, I first interacted with one of Africa’s great minds, Welly Odendo on Social Media, I have been hired from social media, sold and bought quality products and services on social media. The point is, NEVER MISS AN OPPORTUNITY TO IMPROVE YOUR STATE JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE IN A RUSH TO BOOST YOUR STATUS. Actually, never feel the urge to inform everyone of your status, but always URGE YOURSELF TO TRANSFORM YOUR STATE! When we meet you outside social media, be MORE than we know, not less than you have show!

Don’t do it for others …do it for yourself. Before you impress others with it …let it make an impression in you. Before it’s part of others …let it be part of you.  Internalize it before you externalize it. Refuse to live the 80% fake social media lie life supported by a weak 20% semblance of genuine. FLIP IT …go for above 80% REAL, and work it to 101% ...SUCH THAT IF WE EVER MEET YOU OUTSIDE SOCIAL MEDIA, YOU ARE MORE THAN YOU SHOW!