Monday, 31 December 2018

The 3-3-3 Model Personal Development Challenge

Men and women have sought to understand what makes the stars in different fields shine so blindingly bright in a short time in the very places and spaces where others are barely visible even after many years of blood, sweat, and tears. What really raises some to extraordinary levels while a majority live and die in the ‘ok’ level, a place of complacency and false contentment with less than average lives devoid of enthusiasm, passion, and basic human privileges? Even the 21st century, with all its technological advancements has not hinted as to what really separates world-class performers from everyone else. Whereas this short article may not give the answers, let’s begin with what studies seem to point as to how achievers seem to organize their lives.

In the art of living, we express ourselves differently, and I would be lying to say that there is one way, or two-three-four ways to make the best of our short sojourn on planet three. However, being a believer in the science of logic and inductive reasoning, several observations strongly suggest a 3-3-3 model of organizing our lives in a way that we can fully express our potential.

First, in what three (3) ways can you be creative? It takes courage to be creative in a world of copy cuts trying to compete and outdo each other. Yet, the beauty of life lies in the simple realization that you do not shine the brightest by outshining others, but by DISCOVERING YOUR OWN UNIQUE LIGHT, and shining in your own element. It is living by the Sunday school rhyme mantra “this little light of mine, I will make it shine.” I agree with DeGrasse Tyson, that may be, our cosmic curiosity is a genetically-encoded force that we illuminate when we look up and wonder. Question what has been said to be normal, use a different method to achieve a new end. What if the gadget you are using now could be designed differently? Risk some curiosity, accept the idea of doing something that wouldn’t be labelled normal. Embrace the wonder of wandering off where others have for so long followed other people’s footsteps, and leave your own trail. It is creativity that causes a piece of creative writing, a design, an innovation to break through and become a sensation.

CREATIVITY IS KING, and the question ‘WHAT IF?’ is KEY!

Second, in what three (3) ways can you remain fit? Before his death, Jim Ron, the great American entrepreneur reminded us to take care of our bodies, for they happen to be the only one place we have to live in. Have a fitness plan. This could be things you start to do, things you stop doing, and being consistent with those such commitment. You see, regular exercise has been linked to better cognitive performance, inner-happiness and general well-being. Toughening the body has been shown to smoothen the spirit. Walk to or/and from work, use the stairs, ride the bicycle, enroll in a gym, take swimming classes, join a karate club, join an online fitness platform. Whatever it is, choose at least three suitable ways to exercise, majority of things in your life depend on your physical fitness for AS THE BODY IS, SO IS THE SOUL.

Finally, in what three (3) ways can you make money? Let’s address the elephant in the room by undressing it. It has been said that the love of money is the root of all evil, I have no reason to dispute that, however, lack of money is also the root cause of all evil. Indeed, most problems can be traced back to money problems, but since I am no expert in matters finance, let me say what you may already know, GIVEN A CHOICE BETWEEN HAVING MONEY AND BEING BROKE, CHOOSE MONEY, it makes you approach problems that can’t be solved with money in style. So, think of at least three legal ways you can make money. What about from your creativity? Can you make a product? Can you sell a product? What are you good at? What needs are there in your community that you can solve. Money has no problem with problem solvers. Are you one of them? What problem have you solved in the last few months? (Especially the problems you didn’t cause).

Work these three in silence, and soon your success will make the noise

Monday, 24 December 2018


You are as sassy as your source...

Where you draw from determines where you will be drawn to...

Where you 'DRiNK' from determines your DRIVES and DESTINATIONS,

Whatever you keep SEEING determines whether you increase or decrease...

It is the THOUGHTS you allow yourself to THINK, the FEELINGS you let yourself to FEEL, and the ACTIONS you repeatedly TAKE  that will take you to, or away from the very desires of your heart

Whether it is a book or prog, a place or a chat, a friend or a mentor; whatever you engage in, whoever you engage with, transfers some kind of energy to you... AND YOU WILL BE AS POWERFUL AS THE POWER YOU ARE PLUGGED INTO...

Be conscious about that!