Friday, 14 June 2019

…it is 2019; forget competitiveness!

I am in no way a millennial. I still own a Kodak camera that requires an exposure roll of flexible film which is later used to develop photos in a darkroom. To-date, I would rather a manual car than an automatic car, and the last time I saw someone with a selfie stick I wondered why a young girl, whose name I later learned was Slay Queen, needed a walking stick. I was born and brought up in the last century in a small and not so quiet village called Matwikani in Makueni County. I say it was not quiet because in this village lived a medicine woman, and people travelled far and wide to seek her assistance in matters health and ‘protection’ from evil that had befallen them, or that which they FEARED might befall them.

Oh fear, why do your illusional teeth bite so bad, then reach so deep?

But then, there was something else about my village. The few, and I mean the very few young people who competed well enough in high school and made it to the university were the best examples. They were adored. Falling in love with them was not a choice, especially if you had ‘chosen’ not to make it to university. You had to love them, the whole village did. And for sure, we kind of thought that they were the true essence of BRAINS OVER MATTER, because those who competed well enough to make it to ‘campus’ MATTERed, the rest were just MATTER; they had weight, and they occupied space! …and they didn’t seem to have a place in the world …then

That for me was the greatest delusion of my century, but hey …the world has moved on, so should you and I

We live in a different world now. In this century, a peasant can find their place at the palace, and the poor can sit at the high table with the Prince. This SHIFT is based on a not so new, yet not quite embraced concept. I DO NOT BELIEVE in COMPETING for WHAT I WANT, I believe in CREATING WHAT I WANT! THE BEST WAY TO SECURE YOUR FUTURE IS NOT TO WORK HARD TO BEAT SOMEONE ELSE AND GET WHAT THEY HAVE, BUT RATHER TO WORK SO SMARTLY TO CREATE WHAT YOU WANT. If I was a millennial I would say #CREATIVITYisBAE. I am not, so I will say it this way. If there be anything like a COMPETETIVE EDGE, then it would be CREATIVE EDGE. Your ability to bring creativity to your business, relationship, career, passion, studies, innovations, inventions and any other venture you may engage in, THAT IS THE BEST WAY TO PREDICT YOUR FUTURE!

Disclaimer: I have amazing millennials in my life, and one in particular, Brian Kasaine a.k.a B.K has been giving me some millennial jabs against my will. I will end this as B.K would…