Saturday, 27 April 2019

When all work gives only money, that work is costly

In their waking hours, men and women are constantly preoccupied with activities that are supposed to help them ‘make ends meet.’ In that ‘making ends meet’ desperation, individuals are willing to do anything to make that all elusive shilling. In the process, ABLE MEN AND WOMEN ARE MADE TO DEVIATE FROM WHAT IT REALLY MEANS TO WORK, TO WORKING JUST AS MEANS.

Imagine you didn’t have to make money …what would you do?
Suppose you didn’t have to please any one …what would you do?
What if you were fearless …what would you do?

WORK ought to be viewed as A CANVAS UPON WHICH THE WORKER EXPRESSES THEIR BEST SKILLS AND ABILITIES, WHILE EMPLOYING THEM TO CHANGE THE WORLD IN SOME WAY, HOWEVER SMALL. Yes, work ought to make more than money for the worker. When all that one earns from work is money, then their ‘work’ is costing them a lot.

The workplace ought to be a place to express your innate abilities, pursue passions, fulfill dreams, and build meaningful relationships. And so the next time you are heading for a job interview, and take on the job offer, pause and ask yourself ‘…would I take this job if I had just won the lottery and didn’t have to make money?’ If the answer is a genuine yes, then go on and work work work …you might as well have found your task match. Pick tasks according to the characteristics of the task as they relate to your own characteristics