Sunday, 27 January 2019

But you must first fall in love... the first rule of everything

One of the greatest sales principles that all salesmen and women should ascribe to is the concept of ‘underpromise and overdeliver’
Well, let’s get one aspect of the preceding statement out of our way. “But I am not a salesperson” I have heard people say. But let me tell you something. You are daily selling yourself to something. Whatever it is …an employer, a possible financier, a client, or the young man pitching himself to a possible partner …name them, we are daily selling ourselves… The problem is only one, as pointed out by Abraham marslow
“The story of the human race is a story of men and women selling themselves short”
There is a different way that we need to learn and walk on, then we begin to change the script of the human story, and that starts when we can set for ourselves worthy targets, meet them, then exceed them.
In my short sojourn on planet three, I have observed two things that are a precursor to ensuring we don’t sell ourselves short...
1.     You must fall in love: There are few things that make men and women act crazy. One of them is love. We all have crazy stories of how we went the extra mile to please, put ourselves in awkward positions to win a heart …THERE IS SOMETHING ABOUT LOVE, and I haven’t met anyone who succeeded, and was not in love. Well, I don’t know what you are imagining right now, but the point is, you must FALL IN LOVE WITH YOURSELF FIRST, then FALL IN LOVE WITH A COURSE, an undertaking, a trade …a PASSION …that is the love I am talking about. Nothing takes away excellence, and the ability to meet and exceed targets than men and women engaging in passionless pursuits.
Let’s pause here for a moment: are you in love with YOU, and the things you are pursuing as study, work, business …are you? Because when we talk about positive energy, genuine love is the purest of positive energy, and the moment you fall in love with your chosen pursuit, nothing can stand in your way …TRUE LOVE MAKES US DO CRAZY THINGS! GENUINE LOVE KNOWS NO BARRIER… IT IS THE TRUE WAY TO DELIVER TARGETS AND EXCEED EXPECTATIONS WITHOUT EXTERNAL PRESSURES!
But again:
2.     You must fall out of love: Remember there are distractors, there are those things that cannot go together with excellence in delivery of agreed targets, I know you know many of them. But here we want to fall out of love with our comfort zones. Failing to meet targets is humankinds default fallen state, meeting targets is the beginning of excellence …EXCEEDING THEM IS THE REAL MEANING OF EXCELLENT DELIVERY!
It is better to underpromise and overdeliver, yet the majority of people overpromise and under deliver

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